The Mother Lodge Museum

The Mother Lodge Museum attracts many visitors every year who marvel at the many artefacts on display. To arrange a visit to the Mother Lodge of Scotland and the Lodge Museum please contact us.

The museum situated within the Mother Lodge building was opened in the early 1970’s, not only for the Brethren of the Mother Lodge, but also for the many visiting Brethren and the general public. Thus allowing all to view the many old and magnificent artefacts, which have been gifted to the Lodge over a number of years. There is now in excess of 600 items on display, many dating back for several hundred years. The website illustrates only a few of the items housed in the museum and we would encourage and welcome all visitors, both masons and non-masons. A tour of the Lodge and museum can be arranged by contacting the Secretary of the Lodge.

The Silver Seal

The Silver Seal of Lodge Mother Kilwinning was used for sealing charters issued by the Mother Lodge It was first used on the 8th October 1779 by the Most Worshipful Grand Master of Kilwinning, Archibald Earl of Eglintoune for the granting of a charter to the High Knight Templars of Ireland, Kilwinning Lodge No.75.

 The Stamp bearing the Mother Lodge Crest belonging to the late brother Robert Wylie P.M. and Lodge Secretary until his death in 1892. Presented to the Mother Lodge of Scotland in July 2003 by his great granddaughter Jean Wylie from New Zealand.


Old Charge Book

Old Masonic Charge Book which dates back to 1671-1675. This old Masonic charge book details the Masonic history and charges, for example the Master Mason must provide 7 years work for the Entered Apprentice.

Even to this day research is being carried out into the ancient history of some of the artefacts within the Lodge.


Museum Artifacts

The artefacts on display and the property of the Mother Lodge date back from the early 1600's, up to the present day. A complete inventory of the property is currently being undertaken by our museum curators.

Interesting items on display include the Gavel, used by our Right Worshipful Master at Lodge meetings which is made from the timber of the old Lodge building of 1779, the Secretary. and Treasurers chairs in the East of the Lodge room were purchased in 1809 and an early Past Masters jewel presented in 1735, housed in a wooden jewel case made from the roof timber of the old Kilwinning Abbey of 1140.

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